2022 First Quarter Newsletter

Picture of Craig Robertson

Craig Robertson

Craig is Founding member and Development Partner of SLI.


As we begin our 22nd year of coaching spiritual leaders, we continue to be amazed by seeing the visions God has set before us becoming reality.

We held our second SLI conference earlier this year where over 300 people participated even with the many distractions and current issues. The conference provided important space for leaders to focus on their inner life, mental health, and growing as Spiritual Leaders.

Post conference also offered the participants new workshops, trainings, and coaching in ways that SLI has not been able to do before. It is exciting to see so many people thirsty for our emphasis on developing Passionate Spiritual Leaders.
As we have reflected on our Ministry Acton Plan (MAP) we have come to realize we need to improve our ability to track the generative nature of our work. This new awareness allowed us to dive into the risky work of reflection, adjustment, and redoing. While we have proven that the L3 format provides a platform for transformative work, we needed easier on-ramps for leaders as they grow to understand the need for shared, team leadership. We are building new capacities including the development of new data handling technologies, new communication skills, and new offerings to meet leaders where they are on their journey, and to help avoid isolation and distractions.
We want you to know that your investments of presence, time, and money have kept us going. In the dark days and storms we have been through, it truly has been the contributions of everyone who have created our persevering environment. You are our family. This wonderful SLI Family has given financial resources which allowed us to invite people from around the world. This SLI Family has used its influence to share the importance of L3 and Spiritual Leadership, helping people live with joy in their ministry. This SLI Family has invested gifts of time, contributing to our teams and praying for our coaches and specialists. This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the ways people have contributed.
This journey has shown us transformation beyond our imagination, and we believe that our most important years are still ahead. With God’s help we believe this family will continue to grow as we join Jesus in His revolution… discovering, developing, and deploying Passionate Spiritual Leaders. If you have any questions or I can be of service to you in anyway please do not hesitate to let me know.
– Craig

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