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Are you ready to live into your calling?

The Spiritual Leadership Generator is a process for developing everyday followers of Jesus into spiritual leaders. In light of the many world challenges and the decline in churches, people are often not walking intimately with Jesus, longing to be equipped. Leaders often feel isolated and churches are often paralyzed. We want you to learn what it means to be a spiritual leader and live into your calling. Are you willing to take the next step into your journey towards spiritual leadership?

Who is the Spiritual Leadership Generator for?

The Spiritual Leadership Generator is designed for both clergy and lay leaders. Whether you are a minister, wall-street trader, elementary school teacher, police officer, NASA engineer, or a stay-at-home parent, the leadership concepts learned in this Leadership Generator can be directly applied to your life. 

I have been in church a long time and I’m not really doing anything with my faith.

I feel intimidated because I’m leading God’s church while there are trained professionals that have always done that kind of work. I need to learn from the people they have learned from. I need the equivalent of that theological base so that I don’t feel out of place, inappropriate or insignificant.

I’m brand new in ministry and I’ve learned in my first year everything I should have learned in seminary that isn’t taught. I had this great community in seminary and now I’m lonely and don’t know what to do. It’s the first time I’m having to integrate what I’ve learned with leadership.

“I lead a ministry area and I do it all by myself. I have people I can delegate tasks to, but I don’t have a team of leaders around me.”

It’s not uncommon for a church to recruit volunteers and get people into as many small groups as possible resulting in too many burned out leaders. Instead, with the Spiritual Leadership Generator, you have the opportunity to pour a year into leaders, helping them discover their own calling, helping them walk more closely with Jesus, while they learn adaptive spiritual leadership.

“I need to train my leaders and I would like to offer them credentialing not unlike the seminary credential, but something more practical and experiential.”

Are you imagining a mobilized laity in your church/district and community? The more spiritual leaders you have and the more mature they are, the greater your capacity will be to multiply your church ministry and impact your community and the world.


You will walk away with a firm grasp on how what you have learned impacts you spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and vocationally.


We’ll look at biblical leadership through the life of Christ and dive into what it means to apply these concepts in our lives. 


Dates: September 10 and 24, October 8 and 22, November 5 and 19

Time: 10-11:30am ET / 9-11:30am CT


What's my investment?

$1,000 per person

*monthly payment plan available upon request.

Are you ready to start?

learn how to become a fruitful, adaptive and collaborative leader

Theological Training vs Spiritual Leadership Generator

The Spiritual Leadership Generator integrates some of the SLI teachings around teams and around how to behave as a leader, not just the theological and biblical training, but why leadership and being a Christian go together. It’s a deep rich truly theological education designed at a lower shelf, not a watered down version, specifically tailored to an audience that’s not used to theological language and doesn’t want to go to seminary. You’re getting individually trained for the mission of the church.