Download purchase instructions:

  1. We are offering downloads of the event at a reduced price vs the conference as you won’t get the full experience of attending.  However, you will receive a discount for next year’s event for the full cost of the downloads.
  2. Please enter the billing contact information by filling in the form below.
  3. Select your payment option: PayPal (select this option if you want to pay by credit card where no PayPal account is needed) or Pay by Check.
  4. You will receive confirmation emails from SLI
  5. If you have any difficulty in purchasing, please check the top of this page for error messages.  If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then please let us know by entering your information on the form at the bottom of the conference announcement page and we will get right on it – thank you!

Event Registration

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Event downloads
The full price of the downloads will be deducted if you purchase a ticket to next year’s conference when they become available. Keep the discount code that you will receive once the purchase is complete.