Session 1: Living Beneath the Iceberg - Psalm 139 with Rich Villodas

Session 2: Learning the Melody of Lament with Marilyn Elliott

Session 3: Beholding God with Rich Villodas

Session 4: Roundtable on Missional Formation with guests Marilyn Elliott, Bryan Sims and Romal Tune, facilitated by Dionne Hammond

Session 5: Missional Presence: Being in God for the World with Rich Villodas

Session 6: Compassion Matters: Embodying Healing Communities in Everyday Life with Michael Beck

Session 7: Roundtable on Missional Innovation with guests Mike Jarrell, Heather Evans and Michael Beck, facilitated by Dionne Hammond

Session 8: It All Comes Back to COGPOW with Wes Olds



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