Meet Our Founders

Craig is Founding member and Development Partner of SLI. Craig works to develop relationships, and discover new areas where SLI’s ministry can come alongside leaders to help bring transformation. Craig’s project focus is on large regional areas and governing bodies; Coach and project development; and serving on SLI’s lead team providing strategic direction to the organization.

Greg is Founding Member and Managing Partner of Spiritual Leadership Inc. Besides the work of creating systems, tools and processes to help manage and support SLI’s growing team and presence, Greg’s project focus is on large regional areas and governing bodies; serving on our lead team and board providing strategic direction to the organization.





Meet Our Coaches & Specialists

Aaron Bouwens

Aaron walks alongside congregations and leaders to explore the next faithful steps in increasing vitality in their ministry areas.

Aaron Buttery

Aaron, a priest in the Anglican Church, focus on raising lifelong disciples in student ministry, church planting and leadership development.

Al Gwinn

Al, a Lead Team member, served as the resident Bishop of the North Carolina Conference/Raleigh Area of the UMC from 2004 to 2012.

Barrie Tritle

Barrie's ministry calling is to lead persons to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and go further in their service of Christ.

Brad Bennett

Brad has served as a local pastor for 20 years and has coached SLI projects at the conference and local church level since 2011.

Brandon McGinnis

Brandon is currently serving as the Director of the Eastern Kentucky University Wesley Foundation leading students into experiencing God.

Bret Gresham

Bret, a campus minister, loves to help students work through vocation, leadership, and faith formation.

Bruce Baxter

Bruce has has been under appointment in Missouri for almost 40 years. He has served as a pastor, church planter, director and district superintendent.

Bryan Sims

Bryan is a pioneer, coach and author. He is an Anglican priest and has been coaching with SLI since 2001.

Chris Goff

Chris, a coach with SLI since 2014, has served local congregations through counseling and discipleship for over 20 years.

Chris Kelsey

Chris has worked in vocational ministry for over 30 years and has a passion for seeing people become intentional in their spiritual leadership.

Christin Nevins

Christin coaches projects at the conference, district and local church level. She’s led teams in corporate and ministry settings for over 20 years.

Cindy Reynolds

Cindy has served in many different roles including campus minister, pastor, district superintendent and Director of Connectional Ministry.

CV Elliott

CV, an International Teacher, has served in mission ministries since 1977. He's focus right now is on indigenous church leaders in Africa and Asia.

Dan Prine

Dan uses the principles of SLI every day as he leads his local church. He's been involved in SLI projects since 2010.

Dave Scifres

Dave is a local pastor who previously worked in Leadership and Organizational Development in Manufacturing.

David Owen

David has served at both local churches and conference levels. His current ministry is as an SLI Coach and Board Member.

Donna Gaither

Donna is a certified Director of Christian Education. She brings 25 years of experience on local church staff and has been involved with SLI since 2003.

Drew Sperry

Drew, a local pastor with more than 12 years of experience in ministry, is passionate about setting strategies for the growth of new leaders.

Ellen Harris

Ellen, a retired educator, has years of experience providing leadership at all levels of the church: from the local church to larger governing bodies.

Fred Blackwell

Fred has led a successful career in human resources and governmental affairs. He has a heart for developing communities across the globe.

Ideal Curtis

Ideal, a member of the SLI Lead Team, has been involved since 2010. She has coached projects at the local church, district, and conference levels.

Iosmar Alvarez

Iosmar, a native from Cuba, has served as a local pastor planting several Hispanic churches for the past 10 years.

John Duff

John is passionate about leadership as well as helping churches become places where young people want to be and grow in their faith.

Josh Orndorff

Josh feels particularly called to support young men and women on their faith journeys by helping them recognize God’s voice calling their name.

Judy Stevenson

Judy develops clergy and laity leadership, teaches discipleship, and encourages, equips, and resources clergy for effective ministry.

Juliana Lopes

Juliana has been serving SLI as the Administrative Assistant since 2017. She is the key leader for all events; programming and invoicing.

Kathy Rohrs

Kathy is passionate about seeing people develop a heart as disciples, and then use their gifts to glorify God in extraordinary ways together.

Kelly Southgate

Kelly is passionate about students understanding their identity in Christ and empowering them to be leaders by using their gifts for God’s glory.

Kevin Parido

Kevin has served in churches for 15 years in multiple areas of ministry: leadership development, discipleship, organizational structure, and strategy.

Lory Catlett

Lory is passionate about helping youth discover who they are in Christ and empowering all to serve the Lord through various mission outlets.

Megan Byers

Megan is a local church pastor who grew up in Brethren in Christ Church as a missionary kid. She has been involved with SLI since 2015.

Melinda Britt

The principles of SLI have become a part of Melinda's life in a transforming way and she is excited to share the transformation with others.

Paulo Lopes

Paulo, originally from Brazil and a coach since 2017, oversees children, youth, young adults, and campus ministries at the conference level.

Philip McVay

Philip has pastored churches for over 40 years. He he has formed numerous teams which have incorporated the SLI principles with great results.

Randy Orndorff

Randy's focus has been on helping congregations develop intentional pathways for discipleship, leadership development and missional connection.

Ron Ball

Ron, who loves Missions, served as local pastor for over 40 years and at the conference level as Director of Congregational Excellence for 6 years.

Stephanie Faulkner

Stephanie is passionate about empowering people to live into the potential God has given them and to recognize their worth as children of God.

Interested in Becoming an SLI Coach?